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Google+: my two cents and more than a dollar’s worth of links

It’s been just over a week since creating my Google+ account and I’ve been able to dabble into various parts of this new “channel”. 

(Side note: that’s what I call all social media sites. Goes back to my media buying days. Sort of the old, who is the audience, use, etc. for that TV channel and why would I buy it. Does it meet my goals?)

There has been no shortage of opinions, advice and insights on the new channel. So in the spirit of sharing, here are my brief thoughts on a few of the features of G+.


  • Overwhelming.  Not open to all yet but somehow a few are able to have tens of thousands of followers already. These same individuals took years to grow a similar following on Twitter. Is this rapid (but closed) growth good or bad?
  • A lot of content. Not a lot of organization. And with no limit on characters, there is no consistency among information being shared.
  • Too much chatter. However, I love LOVE the “mute this post” option, which allows you to end notifications when others comment on a post you have commented on.
  • Lots of possibilities. Can’t wait to see how it evolves (or doesn’t).


  • Limited to 10 people max. (Still better than Facebook’s version, which is limited to two people.)
  • Originator of the Hangout does not have to be present for the hangout to continue.
  • No time limit.
  • "View Only" mode offers some potential.
  • Users without access to webcam, can still participate but by voice only.

iPhone App

  • Why isn’t it an integrated function of the Google app similar to Reader?
  • Overall, good. Wish it had landscape mode and Hangout function.


  • How are people using these? Are you organizing your circles like you would a Twitter list?

Interested to see what others are saying? Me too.

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Posted at 5:12 PM 22 July 2011

All the Plus You Need.

I’m just dipping my toe into all the goodness of Google+. As I’m learning, I’m reading. And there is a lot to read. If you’re starting out too, here is a collection of blog posts talking about what it is, how to use it, and of course, the pluses and minuses. I hope this collection of posts is helpful. It may be a fine line before I “+” into information overload.

Google+ Getting Started

Google+ How To

Google+ General Review

Google+ Goodness

Google+ Minuses

And - if you’ve made it this far, learn with me on Google+.

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    Posted at 12:13 AM 12 July 2011

    List: Toolbox

    What’s in your toolbox?  Not the red one in the garage, but the virtual one you pull out and use all day, every day.

    Do you use OutlookEntourageMailGoogle VoiceDropboxWunderlistLinkedInTwitter.comFacebookFirefoxChrome?  Or dare I say, Internet Explorer

    I came across several end of year lists that do us all a favor by listing out several resources and strategies to use tools we may or may not be aware of. While reading through the lists, I discovered some new tools and strategies for myself and look forward to giving them a try in 2011.

    Here’s a quick list of the tools I use every day from a computer - both personally and professionally.

    • Outlook (on work PC) - I love using the full features from color-coding my calendar into categories and flagging emails based on priority for follow-up.  Organization makes me feel better, but do wonder if it increases my productivity.
    • Firefox (on my Macbook Pro or work PC) - it’s my go-to web browser. I often have several tabs open and find it to be a simple, clean interface that allows me navigate easily.
    • Hootsuite - my favorite social media tool.  I connect my personal and professional Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts here so that I’m only generating information one time to post to the various channels.  I also appreciate the schedule feature and URL tracking it provides.
    • Google Reader - easiest way to gain information from a variety of sources.  Simply add multiple RSS feeds to your Reader and have all the sites there in one spot.  I organize my Reader into various topics, etc. that I am interested in.  I also use the “star” option and tags to keep my reader organized for easy reference.
    • Tumblr - the blog platform I’ve chosen. Easy to use with several features.  I’ve learned that I like some features better depending on the theme I choose.

    Here are the tools I use on my iPhone:

    • Echofon - Twitter manager.  I will say that as of late, I’ve encountered some problems with it crashing.  As an alternative, I’m going back to Tweetdeck but I don’t like that it doesn’t sync with as well.  I have the same problem with the Hootsuite iPhone app crashing as well, which really disappoints me.
    • Clock - There is no longer an alarm clock on my nightstand thanks to the wonderful alarm function on the clock.
    • Foursquare - I don’t check-in everywhere, but I usually do at least once a day. (Note about my strategy: often times, I’m by myself or with my kids. For safety and privacy, I often “check-in” when I’m actually checking-out.)
    • Facebook - this app gets used to access Facebook more than
    • 1Password - a wonderful investment of $9.99 if you need to remember more than one password.  At work, each of our passwords change regularly for the multiple programs we utilize.  This app easily and securely stores all those passwords so that I can easily access them and update them as necessary.
    • Wunderlist - I’m checking this app out as comparison to Evernote (now moved to the second screen on my iPhone).  I like Evernote but don’t have need for several of its features.  From what I’ve read about Wunderlist (via some of the links above and here), it sounds like it might fit my needs better.  I’ll let you know.
    • For Photography, I use the following apps: CameraBag (simple way to create nice effects); PhotoShop Express (for cropping and other adjustments); and Wink or Pocketbooth (for photo-strip style photographs. Upside to Wink is that you can print via Shutterfly).

    How does this compare to your toolbox?  What’s your #1, most used, can’t live without tool?

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    Posted at 12:53 PM 27 December 2010